About The Mothership

Who are we?

The Mothership started life as the name of a Pacific Northwest concert venue in 1997. The venue website got expensive to operate so we started our own hosting company in 1998 to reduce costs. After a decade and a half operating from various commercial data centers located around the US and EU, we decided to build and operate our own private facility outside Seattle WA in 2014. This is now our primary data center. It features multiple UPS battery backups (pure sine wave), an over-spec auto-start generator system with 36 hours of fuel, Multiple redundant HVAC climate control systems, a fully automated Halon gas fire suppression system, 24/7 live security, camera systems, and all-steel construction. It's literally bulletproof.

Our main business is commercial hosting and media distribution systems, which requires high reliability systems. We only use a very specific hardware configuration in our 1u rackmount servers, featuring two main drives in RAID 1 mirroring plus a third drive specifically for use as in-chassis backup. All media server drives are renewed every three years and the operating systems are updated to the latest Centos version. Centos is an open-source clone of the commercial OS, Red Hat Enterprise